SDU Open Seminar on
"Printing Science in Three Dimensions"

by Carlo Fonda
October 24, 2012

Automatic video recording of the Course (with synchronized slides) using the ICTP openEyA System. The video is in Flash format

New low-cost technology available for the creation and replication of small plastic objects is introduced. Three dimensional printing is taking on a new meaning and lies in its ability to popularize and democratize science whether in remote areas of the world or in outer space. Museums can already distribute exact copies of rare or delicate fossils as widely as they need. And students can print out molecules to figure out their complex structures. The ongoing experiences of the ICTP Science Dissemination Unit are presented and discussed.

October 24, 2012

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The SDU has the broad aim of disseminating ICTP scientific contents and programmes throughout the world using low–cost, state–of–the–art information and communication tools to bridge the digital and knowledge divide in Developing Countries.