Darwin, Evolution and Science

mini-Conference, ICTP, Trieste - November 29, 2009

Audio-video ideo recording of the activities with synchronized slides using the SDU automated openEyA recording System.


(all lectures are in italian)

Passage to Europe. The First Humans in the Northeast of Italy
Giovanni Boschian (University of Pisa)

And What If Darwin Had Been in Antarctica?
Nevio Pugliese (DISGAM, National Museum of the Antarctica, University of Trieste)

The Origin of Life in the Universe
Julian Chela-Flores (ICTP)

24 November 2009

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About the mini-Conference

ICTP celebration of the bicentennial of Darwin' s birth and the 150th anniversary of the Origin of Species.

The SDU has the broad aim of disseminating ICTP scientific contents and programmes throughout the world using low–cost, state–of–the–art information and communication tools to bridge the digital and knowledge divide in Developing Countries.